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Reach customers with a real interest in your business.

Dominate Local Searches.

Every industry is an uphill battle of superiority of brand influence and popularity.

The local scene comprises of small businesses that we all know and love.

From fancy restaurants, fast food, landscaping experts to dog-walking services – there’s always competition and we’ll help you beat them.

Our local SEO services are second to none. We’ve helped countless businesses achieve great results. Taking the top spot in the local map pack shows that you’re a real business, working to help real people.

We’re the Melbourne, local SEO specialists who understand the need in catering to your locals. Locals drive business, spread your name through word of mouth and help pay the bills. 

Your local SEO strategy is safe in our hands

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Trust Melbourne Experts To Do The Job Right

Strategic funnels to bring in real users in your area.

Local SEO Experts

Our Melbourne experts provide tailor-made SEO campaigns that help cut through the noise and get you noticed by relevant customers.

Sustainable Long-Term Results

We rank you for high-quality, high-traffic keywords that bring sustainable local traffic to your website as well as your brick-and-mortar store.

Higher Organic Leads

Using organic methods to bring in customers leads to a higher ROI and less overhead for your business.

Optimise Google My Business Listing

Showing up as a listed business on Google searches is extremely important for great, local SEO success.

Ensuring that users have all the facts in front of them will help drive them to your website and subsequently become paying customers.

We’ll help showcase the most important details of your business to help drive those customers to your doorstep.

We’ll help you claim your business listing and give local customers the details they require to get in touch with you.

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A Holistic Mobile Approach

A local SEO company knows your area just as well as you do. 

Paying valuable attention to your mobile users is important for any local SEO strategy, and we provide our campaigns at the highest quality possible.

Neglecting to provide a great user experience for your local audience is bad for business and your reputation.

It’s 2022 – searches fly off mobiles at a rapid pace and if your mobile SEO is subpar, it will fade away into obscurity.

Pinpoint Location Targeting & NAP

Funnelling-in hotspot locations of your target market allow us to help you reach the most valuable users for your business.

We want your visitors to have the easiest time contacting you. Making use of your name, address and phone number related to your business gives every chance of a potential lead.

Need local SEO services? Feel free to get in touch with the only local SEO agency in Melbourne that understands your needs.

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The Best Local SEO Agency In Melbourne.

Increase Revenue, Sales & Leads.

We love working with businesses of any size and industry, given our expertise as a local SEO company we help businesses leverage their strategy in a way to reach local customers.

Getting to know your local area allows for us to hone your marketing strategy to funnel-in the most suitable users to your website, drive conversions and make the phone ring constantly.

Endpoint Digital key focus is improving organic growth, ranking for important and relevant keywords and building a long-lasting foundation for SEO success.

Time to dominate local SEO in Melbourne.

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Maximise Your Local SEO Presence

It is no surprise that in an increasingly digital world, that small businesses are understanding their online potential.

We want to get local customers excited about your products and services just as much as you are.

Targeting Melbourne businesses? As a local SEO company, we’re always aiming to help you reach the people most important for your brand’s success.

Targeted Keywords To Bring In Suitors

There’s a lot of searches that are untapped by your competition and we’re here to find them for you.

Helping you hit the front page for search results that actually matter will ensure that local customers can quickly find you, which is extremely vital in today’s day and age.

We don’t beat around the bush – ranking for keywords that don’t bring relevant, organic traffic are useless.

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Want to reach more people in your area?

Targeted solutions to help you conquer the local search results with ease.


To help get you on your way, we answer the most commonly asked questions.

Local SEO is the process of using proven strategies to maximise your presence on Google for local users. It’s more commonly known as ‘Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)‘ but with a focus on certain locations instead of national or worldwide targeting.

It’s another aspect of a fully-rounded digital marketing strategy, showing up on local map packs and displaying your business information through Google’s search engine for any local users in the area.

Our goal is to get you to the top of the organic searches and show up as a result for people searching for your business in the local area.

As a local SEO agency, we understand the need to reach people in your area to maximise the most out of your most immediate and potential customers.

Google My Business is one of Google’s services that allow you to create your own business listing that shows up on Google search results.

A listing includes photographs, keywords related to your business, business address, phone number, website link, reviews from past and current customers, etc. 

Having a properly optimised listing helps for branded searches and allows customers to easily find your contact information, opening hours and your nearest physical location.

When you enter any SEO campaign, you want the results to be long term.

Local SEO is always a priority in our eyes, given that most businesses can always benefit from catering to their locals. Not only does this help bring in organic traffic to your website, but can also push locals to your brick-and-mortar stores with a properly optimised Google My Business listing.

Our local SEO specialists aim to bring sustainable, long-term results through innovative and proven methods.

Not necessarily. The nature of your backlink profile can depend on the competitiveness of your niche, as well as the competitiveness of the keywords you’re trying to rank for.

Getting high-quality, relevant backlinks that produce referral traffic is our priority for your business.

Making use of citations and their consistency also helps ensure that local customers are sure to find you on places that real people use.

Google has a smart location targeting feature that enables users to get more relevant results based on their location.

If you are searching for a specific service such as ‘hairdressers’ from Melbourne or wherever you may be in Australia, Google will automatically provide you with local business results which is ideal, given it wouldn’t be great to get results for hairdressers nowhere near your location.

Leveraging a personalised local strategy, along with quality content allows you to rank in your surrounding areas and reach more interested and local users. 

SEO in general, is a process that takes a long time to nail down properly.

Local SEO is also under the same guidelines for general searches, so showing up on local map packs and local searches can take anywhere from 3-12 months but generally, the ranking signals for local SEO campaigns are different and results tend to come quicker than a broader SEO campaign.

SEO’s should never guarantee results or rankings given the volatility of Google’s algorithm.

Conduct a google search for ‘restaurants near me’ and you’ll see 3 businesses appear in the map section at the top.

These businesses get a lot of traffic and have a high click-through rate because they are at the top of the page, which is convenient for a lot of users.

It’s important to rank in the local pack because it shows that your GMB listing is up to date, contains relevant information and is a great choice for users looking for the services you offer. 

Any type of business will benefit from leveraging a local SEO campaign.

Small businesses, restaurants, dentists, tradesmen and even online eCommerce stores can benefit from catering to their local audience.

It is highly recommended for businesses with physical storefronts to make use of local SEO.

We use a range of highly trusted, relevant and industry-level SEO tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush to find out what locals are searching for, related to your industry.

They help us locate keywords most suitable to your money pages, analyse backlink portfolios, find out the location of the most popular searches and how much volume they get and an estimation of how competitive these keywords are. 

Rest assured, we’ll be able to make sure we find high-traffic and relevant keywords for your local business to rank for.

We know the importance of being noticed.

By neglecting to have any sort of local strategy, you’re putting yourself at risk of sinking into irrelevancy in this ever-competitive digital age. 

We know you’re better than that and that’s why we’re a great choice, because your business is our business and we pride ourselves on being able to help drive important customers to your business with ease.

We know what it takes to get your local business ranked and bring in relevant, organic traffic and we’d love to help you do just that.

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