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WordPress SEO for your beautiful brand.

It’s time that you get the most out of your WordPress website.

WordPress is by far the world’s most popular content management system (CMS), powering over 37.8% of the world’s websites. 

It has a major influence over the market and given its popularity, has become even more lightweight, accessible and SEO friendly over time.

With its ease of accessibility and use, it’s no surprise that many Melbourne and Australian businesses alike are deciding to run with a perfectly crafted WordPress website. 

Your competitors are probably on WordPress, but they don’t have the same insider knowledge we do – so it’s time to beat them at their own game.

We think it’s time that you reap the rewards of a WordPress site that excels in speed, beauty and of course, rankings. You won’t be disappointed.

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Only The Best WordPress SEO Practices

Showcase your website's authority

We hate bloated websites and we know you do too. Despite the WordPress community providing a lot of helpful plugins, not all of them are the best choice for your website. Having 50 different plugins isn’t helpful either.

This goes with themes too. Pretty themes are great to look at until they pose a security risk because the developer hasn’t updated it in over 12 months. 

Removing the bloat, boosting page speed and performing all of the necessary on-page SEO required to squeeze every possible opportunity of ranking success for your business.

Harness The Power Of WordPress Experts

We know WordPress pretty well, and we’re a team full of web hosting and web development experts with years of experience in the industry.

There’s always room for improvement, and with all of the impressive tools that WordPress uses, our pedigree of working with impressive websites (even our own) all reside on WordPress.

With how easy it is to use, you don’t want to switch your CMS. Instead, choose Endpoint Digital to revolutionise your website the right way.

We’re here to help, and we know your WordPress website needs us.

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Climb Rankings With Quality Keywords

It’s no secret that websites that are optimised well tend to rank highly. 

On top of a tailor-made and personalised SEO strategy, we’re able to leverage this in our favour and help optimise your WordPress website in a way that translates to better ranking signals and user experience.

We conduct unique and innovative keyword research, allowing us to collect the most suitable keywords for your business in terms of relevancy, competition and sustainability.

Watch Your WordPress Site Generate Leads & Revenue

We understand the most important metric of any successful campaign is revenue and return on your investment.

That’s why we share the importance of a having an SEO-friendly WordPress website in order to achieve the most desired results.

A solid WordPress strategy is just one of many moving cogs in a successful SEO campaign so it makes sense to pay attention to what your users spend the most time on.

Time to watch the money roll in.

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Looking to switch things up?

You’ve come to the right place. Our WordPress experts are here to help.

WordPress SEO FAQ

To help get you on your way, we answer the most commonly asked questions about WordPress SEO.

WordPress SEO essentially comes down to the optimisation of your WordPress website, as well as employing on-page SEO practices to ensure that your website is friendly for users and ready to rank highly on Google.

It ties in with a lot of aspects of digital marketing, such as improving user experience, SEO, website optimisation etc. 

We know WordPress pretty well, so we conduct a comprehensive audit of your website both in terms of its current SEO standing as well as website performance.

Removing things like bloated code, poor or unsafe plugins, website image optimisation, reducing time-to-first-byte (TTFB) –  where applicable given this is usually a hosting provider issue, installing SEO friendly plugins to help with indexing or content writing, ensuring the site is operating over HTTPS securely, checking URL structures, and we can even assist with broken WordPress websites post-migration.

If your website is operating over an unsafe or theme that hasn’t been updated for some time, we can also assist with transitioning over to another one safely.

We generally don’t offer any web development services (at this time), but we may consider doing so if we believe the fit is right for us.

We just take your current website, fix up any indexing or performance issues to help skyrocket your SEO in the right direction.

We don’t offer any type of WordPress security cleaning at this point in time, and we usually recommend using a company such as Sucuri to clean your hacked or infected website.

If your website has been hacked, you’ll need to clean up any malicious code before we’re able to assist with SEO and perfomance optimisation.

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