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Targeted ads for a laser-focused campaign.

#1 Facebook Marketing Strategy.

Your business Facebook page doesn’t have to sit there gathering dust.

Facebook is used by over 16 million people every month in Australia, boasting a huge platform to attract consistent leads.

Advertising on Facebook rounds out a complete digital strategy, given the penetration and accessibility of social media in today’s day and age.

Whether it be photo ads, video, carousel ads, or slideshows and collections, businesses of all sizes can benefit from using Facebook to showcase their products and services.

Partnering up with a Facebook marketing agency based in Melbourne makes sense – we’re local Australians and we know ads.

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Benefits Of Facebook Marketing.

Advertising on Facebook brings real value to your businesses not only around the world, but especially for Melbourne and Australian businesses alike.

Your Facebook marketing agency is here to help grow your business through quality, targeted Facebook ads to an audience who wants to know you.

Facebook Ads That Skyrocket Leads

Facebook is a buzzing social hub and now an important platform for businesses to showcase themselves in the limelight.

We’re interested in the data that propels your business forward and how to leverage that to consistently produce qualified leads.

If you need an out-of-this world Facebook ads agency to help you reach the stars, we’re here for you.

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Ads That Speak To Your Audience

It wouldn’t make sense for us to segment your audience but not provide them with ads they want to see.

These signals allow us to create tailor-made ads specialised for different actions you want your potential customers to take.

Whether it be driving traffic to your site or growing brand identity, our local Facebook advertising experts will craft up an ad campaign with your goals in mind.

Supercharge Ad Results Through Trial

Set it and forget it? We don’t do that here.

We constantly monitor the success of your ads, making tweaks until your conversion rate is peaking and your return-on-investment is out of this world.

As a Facebook marketing company, we don’t rest until we’re confident that our changes are paving the way to success.

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Facebook Isn't Just Meaningless Statuses.

Facebook Marketing Melbourne

We know what you’re thinking. Facebook is a platform saturated with memes, politics and grandpas uploading the same profile picture 12 times – but there’s still a lot of untapped potential.

Facebook now offers an incredible social media marketing tool for small, medium and enterprise businesses to make a mark on the competitive advertising space in Melbourne & Australia.

Facebook now offers an incredible social media marketing tool for small, medium and enterprise businesses to make a mark on the competitive advertising space in Melbourne & Australia.

Facebook Ads FAQ

Facebook allows for audience segmenting, location targeting, and super-specific targeting of users interests, likes, gender, age, job title, etc. meaning you can easily adjust and choose the most suitable target audience for your ads.

Audience selection tools are defined by core audiences, custom audiences and lookalike audiences.

This makes ours and your life easier, and by showing your ads to the most suitable people also lowers the cost and increases the likelihood of them taking a desirable action.

They are relatively cheap in comparison to other platforms, with ads going as low as $1 (depending on your campaign type).

You’re also able to specify a budget per day and a campaign length (which we don’t recommend setting unless for events or promotions) which we will within the confines of to ensure you’re not paying too much for great results.

Ads are more predictable than SEO campaigns, given there is much more tangible data and knowledge to work with, so results are expected a lot quicker in regards to what is working and what isn’t.

Ads must first enter the “learning” phase by gathering data over an unspecified amount of time which can then provide insight on how to best optimise the campaign.

The algorithm of Facebook doesn’t necessarily prioritise pages to grow in an organic fashion like Google, as paid advertising reaches users without the need to like your page or see it from someone who has shared it.

Paid advertising on Facebook is considerably cheaper than other platforms, so there isn’t a huge hole going to be burnt in your pocket.

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